Santa Spotted on Dike Lake

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Santa Spotted on Dike Lake

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Was out at Dike lake this past weekend (there was 4 to 6 inches of ice) and saw a guy who looked like Santa out on the ice. I tried to wave at him a few times but he was too busy harassing the people in the tents set up around him. So I continued to fish, caught about 25 gills and a few crappies all around the 7 to 8 inch mark. Not a lot of size to them but if you want a good place to take a kid fishing definitely give dike lake a try. Who knows, they might even get a chance to see Santa out there. :lol:
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Re: Santa Spotted on Dike Lake

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I'm sorry I did not wave back at you but I was busy finding out what all the little fishermen wanted for Christmas. I had the same results but it was a fun run to test out the ice fishing equipment.

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