Old Fisheye News Report.---Tuff Month

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Old Fisheye News Report.---Tuff Month

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Well Yes it's Old fisheye Here,

Here's the latest:
Randy Heiberger reports he will be at PT today and also getting the staples out. He advised he doing okay
and will be glad when the staples are out. So that's pretty good news.

Mike Everding has a very bad leg wound. His leg wound requires a vacuum to help heal the wound.
He advised they are planning some skin graffs soon, but recovery will take a while. Keep him in your prayers.

Tim Ahrens: Tim's mother has taken a turn for the worst and Hospice has been called in. Lets keep the
Ahrens Family in out prayers.

Last but not least Old Fisheye, Doing fine. PT 3 times a week.

Lets keep those prayers in our daily activities to ensure all are fine.

Thanks: Old Fisheye

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