2023 Preliminary Schedule

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2023 Preliminary Schedule

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The Tournament Board met after the regular meeting tonight to discuss a potential schedule for the 2023 season. Dates and locations were selected as follows:
April 1 - Pool 10 - Harpers Ferry
April 29 - Clear Lake - McIntosh
May 20 - Iowa Great Lakes (Spirit Lake, East or West Okiboji, depending on DNR permit)
June 10 - Pool 4 - Pepin (the City of Pepin now charges $10/day to launch/park at the Pickle Factory ramp, Minnesota will only issue permits to
individuals who reside in Minnesota so Lake City is out of the question).
July 8 or September 23 - Lake Rathbun (looking for feedback on the date)
October 21-22 - Pool 9 - Lansing
November 11-12 - Pool 9 - Genoa

We are investigating the use of the Fishdonkey app for tournaments in 2023.

Please comment if you have any other suggestions. Dates and locations need to be finalized soon so permits can be obtained from the proper authorities.
Al Dietz

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